Iron Golems Miniatures – Buzzed Bumblebees

„The Bumblebees are an enthusiastic team that keep jumping to the pitch once and over again despite being beaten repeatedly. Halflings are definitely not suited for sports, even less for football. They are short-legged, weak, unskilled and almost every single one has over-weigh problems. But the Bumblebees are not your average halfling team, they have attitude!…“

Iron Golems, in collaboration with Two Drunk Flings, is proud to introduce this new project for a Fantasy Football halfling team, the Buzzed Bumblebees! Magnificently sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis in 32mm scale casted in both metal and high-quality polyurethane resin. The full team consists in 14 different halfling players and 2 treemen. But that’s not all! Star players, staff members, gameboards and more extras are ready to make this campaign a very special one!

The other two artists who have participated in the campaign in the graphics have been Alvaro Ramirez and David Lanza.

I took the picts from the Kickstarter project May 2018.