Legacy Vault – Limited Edition Miniatures

Starting from Easter 2017, Greebo decided to begin creating miniatures dedicated to major holidays.

These limited edition items will delight enthusiasts, collectors and artists alike, and the models may even end up on board games if the players can use their imagination well enough!
The concept is to bring out one or more dedicated models each year, at regular intervals, for a limited period of time and in limited quantities. After the regular sales period ends, models will enter the Legacy Vault, which will remain closed until the next event: once it’s closed for good, the models inside will not be sold anymore.

Legacy Miniatures are fairly rare models that aren’t normally available for purchase. You can sometimes find them in on sale during special events and always for a very short time. The Legacy Vault is the place where Legacy Miniatures are kept after the sales period ends. Be warned, the Vault may not reopen for future sales, so if you see a piece that you like and are on the fence, you’d better not risk lossing it for good, and grab it quickly. There’s no guarantee it will be available again next year, or the one after that! A certificate will also be issued with each model, authenticating its number and release of issue.

For myself this project started already with this Valentine┬┤s Ogre 2017 and the the Unicorn of love. The project continued 2017 with Easter Egg Hunt, a Limited Easter Rat, a Easter Troll and a Easter Troll bust. For Halloween 2017 Fang ’n Hood brought some more miniatures, including a great duell diorama.