Meiko Miniatures – Vicious Corsairs

The Meiko Miniataures Vicious Corsairs Dark Elf Team is sculpted in 32 mm scale.
The 2018 Kickstarter project includes the following 15 Players with all the positionals and with no duplicate models: 4 Blitzers, 2 Witches, 2 Assassins, 2 Runners and 5 Linemen. The campaign also includes 5 Dark Elf Star Players, the 16th player of the Team (Lineman nº 6), four Dark Elf extra characters (including a Dark Elf Zombie) and several more items: Dark Elf Football, 1d6 and 1d8 Dice, Dark Elf Flipping Coin, Dark Elf Range Ruler, Dark Elf Block Dice, Wooden Fame Coin and Turn – RR Counters.

The sculptor of all the miniatures of this team is Franarcilla, the skilled sculptor of many other Meiko teams. All miniatures are casted in metal at 32 mm scale.