Punga Miniatures – Savage Orcs

„The Toa Orcs team consists of savage orcs living on islands in the far sea. These are experienced navigators and warriors, they often make raids on the banks of Nippon and Katai. They are known as fierce dangerous opponents both on the battlefield and on the football field.“

„Among the savage orcs of the southern seas there is a tribe of orcs born from the crater of a volcano. They call themselves the magma tribe, they worship to the bloody gods of the underworld. Magma orcs – strong players, because they sacrifice weak orcs to the underworld gods, in gratitude Gods makes their totems alive and it helps to the tribe. The best players can get privilege to wear ritual masks.“

Punga Miniatures brings a complete (16 miniatures) savage orcs team. The Savage orcs team is a unique team of 16 different figures with an original design, including a Big Guy (Whale troll or Totem troll), made in high quality resin 32mm scale. There are also alternative miniatures, like blitzers, a starplayer and a goblin, wearing masks. A lot of additional items like markers and sideline miniatures were done as stretchgoals of this Kickstarter project in January 2018.