Punga Miniatures – The Underworld Team

Punga Miniatures started a kickstarter project in May 2019 which consist of three teams of Ratmen for Fantasy Football with an original design: Pi’Rats, The Cursed Crew and Underworld Team. Lots of free stretchgoal miniatures and other additional miniatures were added later in the project. The captain miniature was free gift for the first 72 hours of the kickstarter.

The Cursed Crew includes 16 different miniatures: 1 Troll, 2 linerats, 2 blitzers, 2 throwers and 9 Goblins.All miniatures come in high quality resin.
Personal note: Very nice sculpted miniatures.. even casted only in Resin đŸ˜‰ …, but that´s also the first kickstarter project i heard about which come without any bases for the miniatures!

EDIT: More picts will come!