Tabletop Art – Thornpear Valleyshockers – WC Dornbirn 2019

There are 16 unique miniatures for the Thornpear Valleyshockers, a Underworld team, including a Mountain Troll, 2 Percht-Blitzer, 2 Percht-Thrower, 2 Percht-Lineman and 9 Cave Goblins. Additional 4 sideline staff miniatures and a mutations pack were available as add-ons. Later 4 starplayer miniatures were added, too. The style of the team is based on regional fashion and traditions. For example some helmets are based on old firefighter helmets, the hairy „Perchten“ are traditional figures and the pants „Lederhosen“ are the typical fashion.

The World Cup team was created by Tabletop Art. The miniatures were modeled by Abbas after sketches from Christian Schwager. All miniatures were casted in resin or in pewter.
Thx, Tim, for helping me to get this team for my collection.