Willy Miniatures Chaos

This team includes 4 Kaos Warriors, a Kaos Warrior Leader called Vorack, 7 Beastman, a large Minotaur, a Kaos Starplayer with Chainsaw and a Kaos Tentacle Warrior. All miniatures are different sculpts and the poses are just great. Frozen in motion! Willy Miniatures crowdfunded this team 2013 through Indiegogo. The miniatures were sculpted by Fausto Rodriguez.

Personal note: Most of the miniatures are multi-part miniatures. Normaly it takes a lot of work to assemble a whole team like that. But not this time! I never got a multi part team before, which is so easy to assemble! I hardly used any pins or greenstuff. Maybe because the miniatures were designed as 3D Files at a computer and the mouldmaster were „printed“ using a 3D-Printer, all parts fit very well ! That is my first team of „next generation sculpting“ … and one of the best i got until than!