Willy Miniatures Halflings Imperial

Willy Miniatures crowdfunded this team 2013 through Indiegogo. The team includes 14 different sculpted Line-Halfling miniatures and a Halfling Starplayer called „Poggy“. The second Halfling Starplayer called „Captain Rioja“ was a free miniature for those Backers, which surported both teams at Indiegogo. The Imperial Halfling miniatures were sculpted by Sergus. Nice Giveaways were a Funder Badge and a pair of D6 Halfling dice.

Additional there are 3 different Treemen, a Treeman Starplayer named „Old Stump“, a Coach called „DelBosque“ and finaly a Chef called „Chikote“. Those miniatures are used for the second, the Ultimate, Halfling Team, too. Those miniatures are sculpted by Pedro Ramos.

Personal note: Only the treemen are multi-part miniatures.The casts are quite good, just a few moldlines, which are easy to remove because the metall used for the miniatures is soft.