Willy Miniatures Vampire

Willy Miniatures crowdfunded this Fantasy Football Team June 2014 through Indiegogo very succesfully. It reached 331% of the aim!

This team is made of 19 different sculpted miniatures. A Vampire Lord, 5 Vampires, 10 Thralls, a Cheerleader and a special „Indiegogo-Founders-only“ female Thrall. Nice Giveaways were a Funder Badge and a pair of D6 Vampires dice made by by Chessex.

In 2018 Willy Miniatures introduced it’s Vampire team 2.0. The whole old team re-made in resin and with some new models. I took the picts of the new miniatures from the Kickstarter project.

Personal note: The miniatures were sculpted using a 3D software at computer, but i dont know who design them. Some of the miniatures are multi-part miniatures, but the parts fit well.The casts are realy good, just a few moldlines, which are easy to remove. Some of the miniatures are not perfect balanced at the bases so maybe some baseweights will help to avoid unneeded tumbling the miniatures while playing. I dont know why, but it seems i missed this time to take pictures of all „whited“ miniatures of the team or i lost them somehow. The full painted team you can see at the Fantasy Football projects section.