2002 Spectator stand

I build this Blood Bowl game spectator stand as an entry for the Golden Demon Gamesday 2002 at Cologne, Germany.

This time the focus should be on the stand and not at the game field. So i ordered, after checking some Games Workshop catalogs, 32 miniatures from GW mailorder US and UK, because it was difficult to get all the special miniatures just from the local shops. The weapon cutting of the spectators miniatures was quite time consuming. All the weapons, with the exeption of the ones of entrance guards, had to be cut or mostly file away. After those filings a lot of greenstuff repairs followed.

The wood work was fun. First i checked some books about half-timbered houses and draw some true to scale construction plans. Particular for this project i bought a miniature table saw, which later helped a lot.

After nearly 4 months of planing and building time, even after starting quite early with this project, i finished the project after a night shift just on the event day at 5.20 am, started at 6.20 am from home to present this diorama at 9.00 am at Cologne.

Unfortunately i couldnt win one of the three place of the „Diorama“-Category. Later i was told, one reason of this was because the woodconstruction itself wasnt painted woodenlike… đŸ˜‰