2004 Street Bowl Pitch

Some members of the TalkFantasyFootball forum ( „Norse“,“I_dauguet“ and „Niels“) thought about a variante of Blood Bowl. And after five months writing and testing, December 2003, the first version of the rules was published at TBB forum. Here some words of one of the designers: “ It’s designed to be fun, it’s designed to be quick, it’s designed not to take itself too seriously… “ (Norse“, TFF Forum , Wed Dec 10, 2003

After i read the rulez, i started thinking about how to build a pitch around this rulez. Some scribbles and drawings later i started with the gamefield, which should look like a cobblestone street. The plastic card with stone structure were bought in a Miniature railway shop.

The dugouts and the buildings are made of Hirstarts pflaster blocks. Some time ago i ordered molds from Hirstart and now this was a good chance to use them the first time. Ordering those molds from the USA maybe isnt cheap, but they are really worth the price. Very easy to handle, good material. I can recommend also the very fast and fair service of Bruce Hirst. For this project i mainly use the molds #40, #60, #63, #70, #71 and #260. After i got a second order from Bruce, i used #250 for the chimneys.

For painting the wall parts i used normal wall paints. To keep the buildings alike i painted them with just 4 different colors, which i mixed with each other: black, white and two different browns. After priming the buildings black or very dark brown i used about 4-6 different drybrush layers to get the shown result.

The wooden parts… again i used wooden sticks and boards i bought from a hobbyshop in different thickness. After glueing the single boards together and painting them with wood paint, i glued some plastic slices for nails at the boards.

For the markings of the gamefield and the scoreboard roof i cut some paper stencils. I use them with very little paint on the brush to keep the markings transparent like chalk markings.

The movable chimneys got a magnet inside, so they stick on the metal plate, on which i glued the roof shingles. The snotlings in the chimneys are real BB snotlings.

Well, “ THE HAMSTER “ … , quite famous once by at TFF forum, made his appearance while i was building the pitch. He checked all openings of the buildings, did some test runs on the pitch and score the first Touchdown. So i can say, this pitch is „hamster approved“. đŸ™‚

After finishing the project I also put this pitch into a suitcase and did a little quiz at the TFF forum. The one who guessed the right weight of the pitch suitcase got a 2nd Edition Ogre from me as price. I also took it with me while viisting the BloodBowl at Nottingham 2004 and the Dutch Open Amsterdam 2004.