2005 Legacy Team TBB

In January 2005 again at the TBB forum it was decided, to paint another TBB Legacy Team. This time, after some discussion about races and colors, it should be a Skaventeam. And the colorschema should be „Bleached Bone“ and „Tartan“. Tartan like a scotisch Tartan ?! Quite a challange as it seems not easy to paint.The deadline for finishing the mini was set at the end of April 2005.
I wanted to paint the 2.Edtion Skaven anyway sometimes, so i took this as a test and painted a 2.ed Thrower. Painting the Tartan was a good idea as i never did it before. Not to difficult at the end, but also not to easy on this small loincloth. BTW… The last small black lines were done with a pencil. I think, i will use this colorschema for my whole 2.ed Skavens later.
Of the 21 participating members of the TBB forum, „rabidroadkill “ from Indiana, USA, was alloted and got the whole team as the price. Not all of the team memeber are shown on the picture below as some of them were send directly to the winner. Thanks to TBB „Djengis“ for organising the whole event !