2006 Human Team „Moguntia 06“

After playing my trusted Orc-Team “ Moguntia Wreckers“ quite a few years at leagues and tournaments i decided to try a new team with a bit more agility. But i needed also someone stronger than Elves,too ! So the new miniatures of the 5th Edition Games Workshop Humans just arrived with a perfect timing.

After a long time this Games Workshop team is one with all different miniatures like the ones of the 2nd Edition. I just didnt like these many spikes and claws on the miniatures and so i cut a few of them. The orginal, unpainted miniatures with all spikes can be found at the Blood Bowl miniatures section on my website.

I painted this team 2006 and played it a few years at leagues and tournaments. In retrospect i painted this team to fast. It deserved much more painting attention and paint time. I later painted the color position codings not shown here at the bases as it is a bit difficult to distinguish between blitzer and lineman.

For the Big Guy of this team i converted a Mordheim ogre as i think, he fits very well into the style of this team. Later i added the miniatures of 5th Edition Mithy Zug and the rare Zug, too.

The team showbase was again build in the right size to fit into my travel-show-case and the show cabinet at home. Because of their height the catchers dont fit into the closed travel-showcase.