2009 Chaos Team „Chaos All Stars“ Remake

In the White Dwarf 114 (June 1989), Phil Lewis showed some of his Chaos All Star Bloodbowl team. Four other miniatures were shown in WD121 January 1990. Most of those miniatures came from the official 2nd Edition Blood Bowl miniatures. But some were also sculpted by Philas unique miniatures just for his team. The original team is now part of Tom “ Galak“ Anders private collection.

Tom Anders decided after checking with Phil Lewis and GW to produce the Phil Levis scratch builded and converted unique minis as giveaways for the Chicago Chaos Cup tournaments. As this tournament is a official GW tournament those limited editon miniatures are now official GW miniatures, which can used at GW tournaments like the Dungeon Bowl, too.
The first casting run was done by Monday Knight Productions and was limited to 300 castings of each miniature. Later there was another, final, casting run of 500 of each mini to buy at bbfigs.com once.

Some years ago i bought one of Galak´s Chaos Cup Rulers to help to finance the casting of the first set of limited edition miniatures. In exchange for this help i got some free miniatures. After checking my 2nd Edition miniatures and because i got all of Galak´s Chaos Cup minis until 2011 i decided to paint the CHAOS ALL STARS using the original colorschema from Phil Lewis. First i wanted to paint the minis exactly like Phil Lewis did. But after cleaning and priming the minis i realised, i would prefer to paint them quite close to the original colorschema, but in a “ Traveller´s way“.