2011 Chaos Dwarf Team „Moguntia Blackbeards“

All miniatures were sculpted 2011 and on sale from August 2011 by „Greebo Games“.

The very compact, heavy metall miniatures were well casted. Most of the miniatures come as single pieces and the Bulls are multi part miniatures, which needed some greenstuffing.

I started to paint this team 2011 and finished it 2014. I didnt use the horns for the dwarves as i like them without better. For the Greebo minotaur, which i still have to paint, i left a space in the middle at the team base.

For the single miniature and for the team base i painted first the red/yellow „fire“, the rest was painted black. Than i used a black cracklepain,sold at Artist Supply shops, to create the glowing lava effect from below. After some black and grew drybrushing i removed the gloss of the cracklepaint. Later i added some small glossy tarmac pieces which i collected at a road construction.