2012 Norse Team „Moguntia Ice Crushers“

Quite some time ago i started to paint this very nice Norse team produced by Greebo Miniatures. After a long break i finished it. It took some time to get all miniatures of this team in perfect condition, but Greebo Miniatures send me very fast replacements for miscasts and missing parts/miniatures. Very customer friendly service! THX a lot again for this, Greebo! 🙂

Easy to put on the bases, but not so easy to paint this team. IMO. After painting the skin using Vallejo Colors i „upgraded“ the skin again using the „Andrea Colors Skin set“, which i bought later. I used mostly only the highlight colors of this set.

For the „Snow & Ice“ bases i tried a transparent „Cracklepaint“ over a light blue/white base and washed it with waterdowned lightblue. Some white highlighs and some snow, thats it. I bought the transparent crackle paint from a Online Art store here in Germany.

About two years later i added a nice Icebear, produced by Willy Miniatures, als alternative miniature for the Icetroll. I still have to build a „Snow & Ice“ teambase.

For pictures of the unpainted miniatures please check at the Fantasy Football Miniatures section of this site.