2013 Halfling Team „Moguntia Mainzelmaennchen“

My now quite well known Halfling team produced by Willy Miniatures. As teamname i choose „Moguntia Mainzelmaennchen“ after the famous Mainzelmaennchen Comic characters of the German TVstation ZDF i´m working for.

The miniatures were easy to clean. I just removed the face of this halfling looking from the back of the treeman starplayer because i didnt like this detail. All the miniatures have a lot of character like the coach or the kitchenchiefs. Painting is very smooth with this team. Especial the faces are more easy to paint than usualy. For the skin color i used for the first time the „Andrea Colors Skin set“. Easy to work with it. But i didnt use instructions which came with the set. I did it my way and used mostly only the highlight colors of the set for this team. I´m proud that i won the Best Painted trophy of the DungeonBowl 2014 against a strong competition and later also the Best painted award at the B7 2014 tournament.

For the dried mud bases and later for the teambase i tried the new Citadel „Technical paint Agrellan Earth“. Easy to handle and it works really well. BTW… a thicker layer of this paint gives bigger cracks.

I´m showing here also a pict of my little portable photostudio, which i use for most of the picts.

For more informations about the miniatures please check the Fantasy Football Miniatures section of this site.