2014 Dwarf Team „Moguntia Hammers“

A very nice and easy to paint Dwarf team with lots of great additionals miniatures and items was produced by Virgil Games.

The metal casts are fantastic with sharp edges, which, IMO, helps a lot at clean painting. After some squares predrawing with a pencil i decided myself finaly for a green / white colorschema. For the bloody apothecary i used the first time the Technical Citadel paint „Blood for the Blood God“, which works well for me.
As i didnt want to paint a positional basecoding i used the haircolors again for this.

I filled the bases again with magnet and a 2-component-putty. For the base design i took the standard earth/gras way using the trusted Citadel „Agrellan Earth“ crackle paint and some static gras.

I like this team because of the great sculpts, clean casts and the many additional miniatures and markers. Not sure if i ever will play a Dwarf team, but painting this one was fun!