2014 Vampire Team „Moguntia Suckers“

Willy Miniatures crowdfunded this Fantasy Football Vampire Team June 2014 through Indiegogo very succesfully.

Some of the miniatures are multi-part miniatures, but the parts fit well. The casts are realy good, just a few moldlines, which are easy to remove. Some of the miniatures are not
perfect balanced so maybe some baseweights will help to avoid unneeded tumbling the miniatures while playing. I filled the bases again with a magnet and th 2-componets-putty.

I used the white Armypainter primer as usualy, but something went wrong. This time i didnt get a smooth surface, which i didnt realize before finishing priming the miniatures. But i decided not to clean up the miniatures again.

The skincolor of the living thralls and the undead vampires should be different. The well known painter Axia gave me some advices how to paint this grey vampire skin. Thx for this again.

A very nice team to paint!