2015 Amazones Team „Moguntia Wildgirls“

A very nice team, produced by Willy Miniatures, very well sculpted and good casts. I just broke some legs while basing the miniatures and had to pin them.

The colorschema should be a bit brighter and still have a „amazon-look“. So the green look and orange as contrast color with warm skincolor. Someone told me about some good brushes i should try and so I bought two Serie 7 brushes of „Windsor & Newton“ and i can really recommand them. It took me some time to paint this team because of those details like the ropes. As I didnt like to paint position basecoding this time, i used the hair color for this… red for blitzers, black for linewomen, yellow for catchers and brown for throwers.

I filled the bases with a magnet and a 2-component-putty for weighting as some of the miniatures are a bit unstable. For the base design i decided to try something new and used cutted plastic plants for more „jungle-feeling“. I still need to build a team base.

The „whites“ of this team and some more information you can find at the Fantasy Football section.