2017 Skaven Team „Moguntia Rats“

Another very nice sculpted team by Pedro „Poncho“ Ramos and produced by Meiko Miniatures. I painted this team 2017 while waiting for some frogs.

I mostly used Andrea Color paints for this team again with some GW metal paints and GW washes. The worst part to paint were all those teeth. Every rat is showing teeth. Everyone! For the numbering of the players i couldnt find a good similiar spot on all of the miniatures. So, if i will ever play this team, i will add numbers at the bases later. I think, some Fantasy Football sculptors have to think more about this detail. đŸ˜‰ The Ball and Chain rat lost it´s ball easily. Also i lost some blades at the gutterrunners. So take special care about those miniatures.