2019 P-Orc Team „Mainzer Schweinerei“

The miniatures of this nice sculpted, somewhere a bit different team were sculpted by Greebo and Deathowl and produced by the Italian company Greebo Games. Hardly any mouldlines to find at the white metal casted miniatures. The only thing i didnt like at the miniatures were those little „hills“ the miniatures are standing on. So the feets never were at the level of the base and i had to „fill“ the bases to get the same level as i´m showing at the picts below. Not a problem, just more work to do.

For the orc character of this team i wanted to use a „Faster Red“ colorschema. I used the black fine liners pencils for the squares for the first time. (Thx, Tim, for the hint!) Quite easy to work with those. Especialy for the eyes!
For the teambase i used „Still Water“ from Vallejo the first time to get the wet mud effect. Combinated with Vallejo “ Gloss Varnish“ it worked well IMO. The dry mud spots are done as usually with Games Workshop „Agrellan Earth“. The teambase is build on a metal sheet so i can re-use my „magnetised“ wooden base again and the magnetized miniature bases stick at it, too. The wood work was fun to do. For the fence i took the stirring rods from my local coffee shop. 😉

All together a nice project with well casted, more easy to paint miniatures, which i finished right in time for the Dungeonbowl 2019 at Duesseldorf. And I got the second place at the Best Painted competition. 🙂

EDIT: I added the wizard not shown at the team base later.