2023 Amazon Team „Die Mainzer Scheinheiligen“

This was a limited edition Amazon team, which was made for the NAF Worldcup Championship 2015 at Lucca, Italy, by RollJordan Miniatures. The full team composed of 16 metal miniatures. The sculptor is Cosimo Auricchio. 250 teams were cast, 70 were sold at the Worldcup and in May 2017 145 all together were sold. My team is the number 116 0f the 250. But in 2024 it is possible to ordered the miniatures. So not so limited now … 😉

I bought this team quite some years ago and it was sitting unpainted in my showcase a long time now. As i wanted to paint a metal team and just a team without extras and sideline miniatures for a change… 🙂

BTW… Inbetween i finaly bought also a the new LED Lamp from Neatfi shown at one of the picts . It is working well and i can recommend it.