2004 Dugout

While visiting the DungeonBowl Tournament 2004 i saw some well homemade Blood Bowl dugouts. Well, i thought, i should try to build a Dugout for my team, too.
As i wanted to use it for gameplay and not as a Blood Bowl diorama, i had to keep enough space in the single compartments for KOs or wounded players. And as i wanted to take this dugout with me for tournaments travelling i limited the overall dimensions, too. And no surface parts because i didnt want to loose parts or break something. Now i can put the dugout into my BB suitcase instead a second team and its not to large for a tournament table.

The stoneswalls of the Dugout are made again of Hirstarts pflaster blocks. It seems, it was a good idea to order these molds from the US before. This time i used the new molds for the floor tiles, too.

For painting the wall parts i used normal wall paints again. I was tempted to paint the floor tiles a bit more colorful, but at the end i like the basic way more.

The Interior of the dugout i made mostly from wood. The benchs and the coffin were fun to build. I fixed a magnet into the coffin lid and a metall strip onto the „orc body“ inside. So the lid is now removable. For the letters of the single rooms i use the plastic fonts from Slater’s Plastikard Moulded Plastic Alphabets.

The Number tiles for the turnmarker are done again with Hirstart molds. At first i just wanted to paint numbers at the tiles, but later i cut some plastic numbers and fixed them into the molds. It took a while casting the 24 number tiles, but they look better this way.

The „hidden room“ below the numbers … well, first i thought about building a operation room for my apothecary. But when i run out of time before the BB at Nottingham, i changed my plans and build a kind of team pub.

The detailstuff like the knifes in the KO compartment and the mugs in the hidden room i got mostly from a doll repair shop here in my town. Quite expensive items, because very little are made, but i never saw a shop like this before. The old shop is managed by a even older lady. đŸ™‚ I added some warhammer rats and build a small tunnel for them.

At the Dungeon Bowl Tournament 2006 i won the Best Dugout Price for my Dugout.