- 2nd Edition (1988)

The 2nd Edition of Blood Bowl, developed by Jervis Johnson and Marc Gascoigne, was released 1988. This time the gamebox included the well know famous 3 parts stone effect polystyrene 3-D „Astrogranite“ pitch and two teams of orcs and human players, plastic miniatures with identical poses and colored bases to distinguish between player types. The 1989 released Dungeon Bowl games box, which took the game underground, includes figures for two additional plastic teams, one Dwarf and one Elf with identical poses again. The first metal miniatures of the 2nd Edition were released 1988, too. With the expanded rules of „Blood Bowl Starplayer“ rulebook 1989, which introduced more races and star players, and the „Blood Bowl Companion“ of 1990, which introduced p.e. referees, cheerleaders and secret weapons, even more metal miniatures for the 2nd Edition were released. All together 12 teams.